Africa Regional Resilience Hub

Africa Regional Resilience Hub

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Project detail:
Status: Active
Country: Africa
Tags: adaptation, climate resilience


The Resilience Hub is an inclusive virtual and physical space to mobilise action on resilience and adaptation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COPs) and beyond. The Regional Hubs ensure that the best practices and perspectives of those most affected by the climate crisis are amplified and increasingly drive the agenda of the annual COPs. This year, nine key themes will shape the Resilience Hub’s narrative and programming. Each theme is led by a small group of organisations and experts across sectors and fields.

The Regional Hubs play a crucial role in ensuring the voices and perspectives of traditionally under-represented communities are amplified and heard on the global stage. The Africa Regional Resilience Hub is led by South South North (SSN) with collaboration from Slum Dwellers International (SDI). The Hub is delivering a programme of in-person and virtual engagements to bring local voices to the global stage from May to November 2023.

Hub key messages and resources

In 2022 the Africa Regional Hub, hosted by CDKN, held two hybrid events at Africa Climate Week in August, followed by a four-day virtual event with 16 sessions in September. Eleven key messages were distilled from these events and presented in the Resilience Hub at COP27 in November.

Africa Regional Hub

Download our presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format.

This year, the Africa Regional Hub will delve deeper and highlight key messages and priorities for the Africa Region.

Session recordings from this year will be posted to the YouTube channel, where you can also find videos from last year’s Africa Regional Hub.