Learning from Raising Risk Awareness

Learning from Raising Risk Awareness

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Author: CDKN Global
Countries: Africa, Ethiopia, India, Kenya
Tags: climate extremes, disaster risk reduction, extreme weather events, vulnerability

The Raising Risk Awareness East Africa workshop was an opportunity for participants to hear more about the science around extreme weather events and to discuss how they could put this science into practice.

Participants discussed how extreme weather event attribution could support broader development plans, and how collaboration between the science community and communicators could help achieve this. Here, artist Jorge Martin captures the learnings from the event in a digitized graphic, illustrating the importance of engaging policy makers on disaster risk reduction.

Download the full infographic here. (1.2 MB)

For a written report of the event, please see here.

The Raising Risk Awareness initiative brings together scientists, vulnerability experts and knowledge brokers to understand the role of climate change in extreme weather events to help prepare for future ones. Find out more here.

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