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FILM: Clean, reliable power for Africa: The potential for mini-grids

Two thirds of rural African households lack access to electricity. Mini-grids – electricity grids which are separate from the main energy grid – can offer a way to reach unconnected areas. When they are powered by clean, renewable energy, mini-grids can offer electricity access to rural populations with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

For more than two years, the Africa LEDS Partnership has convened a Mini-grids Community of Practice that has enabled professionals to exchange best practices and financing advice on renewably-powered mini-grids.

This short film highlights the potential of mini-grids to address the energy challenges in rural Africa, while tackling the global challenge of climate change.

It contains highlights from a field visit by the Mini-grids Community of Practice to a field site in rural Nigeria in November 2018 — which was also part of an exchange programme between Nigerian and Ghanaian colleagues. Read more about the first part of the peer-to-peer exchange in the blog ‘Scaling up mini-grids: How Nigeria learned from Ghana’.

You can also read more about the Africa LEDS Partnership.



Image: LEDS GP Nigeria field visit, courtesy Charlie Zajicek, LEDS GP

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