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"The conversation has moved from looking at disasters and climate risk separately to addressing disaster risk in an integrated fashion, which may include climate-related risks. This is a big shift in a short time."

Mihir Bhatt, CDKN Senior Strategic Advisor, India

In Ahmedabad, India, CDKN has supported the development of South Asia’s first action plan to target an often-unrecognised climate risk: extreme heat. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is now implementing the plan, with a media and communications campaign to educate the public on preventative measures. CDKN’s assistance was key in developing the Gorakhpur district 'climate smart' disaster risk management plan. The success of the plan in Gorakhpur has prompted the Uttar Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) to replicate it in all districts in the State. CDKN has supported the Madurai city corporation in the development of a ‘future proofing’ action plan which demonstrates a new integrated climate compatible approach to urban development and tackling the city’s deep-rooted problems of poverty. In Uttarakhand, the State government now has a framework for refining and prioritising their State Action Plan on Climate Change. The study is also first of its kind in India to apply regional climate modelling (CORDEX) and include state-wide stakeholder participation for assessing socio-economic vulnerability. CDKN has been a key player in influencing these initiatives. Gender has been integrated in two State Governments’ adaptation plans, and the central Government has made it mandatory for all States to follow suit. The project has also put gender concerns on the agenda of the UNDP, entrusted to help State governments formulate and carry out their climate action plans. CDKN-supported action research on gender has been formative in all these processes.

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