CDKN's 'Inside stories on climate compatible development'

CDKN's 'Inside stories on climate compatible development'

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Date: 19th July 2012
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: adaptation, REDD+, governance, local knowledge, resilience, solar power, vulnerability, wind power

CDKN, in partnership with the International Development Law Organisation, the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, Acclimatise and the World Resources Institute, has developed a series of policy briefs that highlight how climate compatible development can be achieved in a range of developing countries.

When decision makers in government, business and civil society speak to us about their aims and needs, they often ask about ‘best practice’ in other countries or, indeed, mistakes to avoid. Key questions usually include:

What are the leading innovations in integrating climate change planning with economic growth strategies and poverty reduction?

What are the biggest challenges faced along the way: institutional, financial, political, technical?

This series of policy briefs aim to answer these questions by exploring the ‘Inside stories on climate compatible development’. Click on the countries below to access them:

Bangladesh - developing a comprehensive disaster management programme (pdf)

Barbados - supporting a thriving solar water heating industry (pdf)

China -  building the world's largest wind power market (pdf)

China - harnessing market mechanisms for sustainable development (pdf)

Colombia - Analysing vulnerability: a multi-dimensional approach (pdf)

Ecuador - private conservation agreements support conservation action (pdf)

Fiji - Going after adaptation co-benefits with REDD+ (pdf)

Grenada - strengthening climate resilience (pdf)

India - transforming into a solar power (pdf)

India - Creating market support for energy efficiency: India’s Perform, Achieve and Trade scheme (pdf)

Indonesia - moratorium on forest exploitation (pdf)

Jamaica and Senegal – Accessing the Adaptation Fund: lessons from accrediting NIEs in Jamaica and Senegal (pdf)

Kenya – Harnessing Geothermal Energy (pdf)

Mexico - producing the first regional climate accord in Mexico (pdf)

Niger - moving from vulnerability to resilience through farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) (pdf)

Philippines - mainstreaming climate resilience into government (pdf)

South Africa - South Africa’s municipal integrated development plans (pdf)

South Africa - Making renewable energy affordable (pdf)

Tanzania - becoming a global forerunner for REDD+ through a national readiness strategy (pdf)

Tanzania - achieving development goals through renewable energy (pdf)

Viet Nam - benefits sharing from REDD+ (pdf)

Zambia - using an integrated system of agroforestry to reduce climate change vulnerability and insecurity (pdf)

Image credit: Panos Images.

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