POLICY BRIEF: Improving sustainable commodity supply chains in Amazonia

POLICY BRIEF: Improving sustainable commodity supply chains in Amazonia

Decoupling agricultural commodity supply chains from deforestation in Amazonia.

Key points:

  • Safeguarding and sustainably managing natural resources in Amazonia is a complex issue that will require marshalling coalitions of public and private actors that have a shared stake in responsible management of the same production landscapes.
  • Complex and obscure supply chains mean that key upstream actors who need to be engaged and accountable remain hidden.
  • By building effective coalitions of supply chain actors who can work together alongside regional and national governments in producer nations, it becomes possible to lower costs and distribute responsibilities more fairly and appropriately.
  • There is an opportunity to advance transparency in the face of improved supply chain modelling instruments and increasingly sensitive markets and finance institutions demanding better environmental and social performance of key commodity supply chains.
  • Increased transparency and accountability in supply chains can support the transition to more sustainable production systems in Amazonia, but ultimately this requires strong and closely aligned leadership from both the public and private sector.

Photo by Neil Palmer/CIAT for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

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