Outlook news: Project news from CDKN around the world

Outlook news: Project news from CDKN around the world

CDKN’s quarterly newsletter ‘Climate and Development Outlook’ provides information on CDKN’s projects and shows the work that’s underway to deliver climate compatible development in countries around the world. The stories provide practical examples of where climate change considerations are being integrated into national policy.  In this edition Stephen King’uyu of the Government of Kenya shares his optimism—and some of the challenges— for making Kenya’s economy more climate compatible.  We report on a new Innovation Fund project which enables scientists to learn more about what kind of weather information farming communities want—and helps agriculturists in disaster-prone districts to better understand how to apply the range of scientific information available.   Plus, CITYBLUES++ explore how the capital of Lao PDR can become a modern, vibrant and green city, where drainage networks are an integrated part of its climate compatible development?

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