Project : REDD-net Asia: Dialogue with governments and civil society organisations in Asia and the Pacific

Project : REDD-net Asia: Dialogue with governments and civil society organisations in Asia and the Pacific

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Tags: community-based adaptation, deforestation, REDD+, gender

CDKN has supported several activities under REDD-net Asia Pacific, which is hosted by RECOFTC (the Centre for Peoples and Forests). REDD-net is a global research and knowledge sharing network on the relevance of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) to local communities. In 2011, REDD-net Asia Pacific contributed to REDD-net research and knowledge sharing in the areas of:

  • Gender and REDD+
  • Community-based climate change adaptation and implications for REDD+
  • Opportunity costs of  REDD+: competing with drivers of deforestation.

REDD-net Asia Pacific’s focus is on knowledge sharing and exchange between civil society groups across the region. CDKN has provided support to the programme to extend its activities to policy-level engagement, therefore contributing to a greater understanding of REDD+ issues, and improving the linkages between local level concerns and experiences and national/regional processes.

With CDKN funding, REDD-net Asia Pacific has promoted dialogue and collaboration between decision-makers and civil society stakeholders in the region. It has done this through the publication of regional bulletins, case studies and expert reports, as well as facilitating and supporting attendance at national and regional workshops and events, for example, on writing and disseminating case studies and briefs aimed at national and regional policy-makers on the theme of REDD+ and community-based adaptation.

Project outputs and resources:

Drivers of Deforestation and REDD+ – Can REDD+ Compete?

Lead: Regan Suzuki (RECOFTC)

Project Partners: A full list is available on the website.

CDKN Funding: £33,000

Regions/Countries: Asia and the Pacific

Type: Research project, CDKN Innovation Fund


Update - December 2011

The Centre for People and Forests produced the publication Drivers of deforestation and REDD+:

What do opportunity costs mean in the context of REDD+ and what are the implications for local communities? Farmers intuitively know the importance of opportunity costs. To tackle deforestation in a socially equitable way, we must consider what the drivers of deforestation are and what incentives and livelihood opportunities accompany them.

Photo courtesy of United Nations Photo Flickr.