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FEATURE: More equality and justice in climate action

CDKN, ODI, Practical Action Consulting and the Institute for Development Studies hosted the event ‘More equality and justice in climate action’ on 4th May 2016.

The recording is now available to watch below:

You can now also download the report: 10 Things to know: Gender equality and achieving climate goals report and related research studies.

Why does gender equality matter in climate related programming? What does “inclusive” programming look like, in practice? And, do climate programmes in cities pose any special challenges or opportunities for advancing gender equality?  These are some of the questions that our expert panel debated at this interactive event.

Speakers presented – and responded to – the findings of leading-edge research that aims to address major knowledge gaps on the gender dimensions of climate change mitigation, adaptation and development. Commissioned by CDKN, the research was carried out by a cross-cultural team at Practical Action Consulting and IDS Sussex. The study involved field work in urban areas of Peru, Kenya and India.

The team launched three country reports at the event, ‘How do gender approaches improve climate compatible development: Lessons from India, Kenya and Peru’.

ODI and CDKN also launched the cross-cutting report, in association with Practical Action Consulting and IDS: ’10 things to know…about gender equality and achieving climate goals.’

The findings uncover a range of drivers and constraints to integrating gender approaches in climate programming in cities. The research demonstrates how gender sensitive approaches can increase gender equality and so pave the way for better overall climate and development outcomes — and contributing to wider social development goals.

This event gathered experts from the social development, climate change and disaster risk reduction communities.

In the report, donors can learn about the value of setting gender equality as a requirement in climate programming and funding allocation. Other stakeholders involved in climate and development projects – such as non-governmental organisations, researchers and academics – can learn how to design and deliver more inclusive projects, and so avoid perpetuating gender inequality.


Colin McQuistan, Practical Action – Senior Advisor on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation


  • Dr. Andrew Norton, IIED –Director
  • Reetu Sogani, Practical Action Consulting Research Lead from India
  • Dr. Virginie Le Masson, ODI – Research Officer
  • Sam Bickersteth, CDKN- CEO

With representative from DFID, Climate and Environment Department

Image credit: Cecilia Schubert

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2 responses to “FEATURE: More equality and justice in climate action”

  1. Matilde Doni says:

    I am writing my master thesis on Climate Change Adaptation and the possibility of engaging the private sector in building resilience in Least Developed Countries. I am interested in deepening my knowledge about women empowerment related to climate action, and eventually add some insight on my dissertation.

    • CDKN Global says:

      Hi Matilde,
      It’s great to hear about your studies – it’s an important topic. I hope you will find a range of relevant resources on Try the keyword search on the upper right hand side of the website, it is quite good at pinpointing relevant articles and publications on our site. In addition, you can email and we can correspondence with you about members of the CDKN team you may wish to interview at some time. With best wishes, Mairi – CDKN knowledge management team

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