Climate compatible development in Colombia - Interview with Claudia Martínez

Climate compatible development in Colombia - Interview with Claudia Martínez

Claudia Martinez, ex vice minister of environment and Country Engagement Leader of CDKN in Colombia, was recently interviewed by El Tiempo newspaper. In this interview she explains the importance of climate change adaptation and its relation with climate compatible development.

Although adaptation in Colombia is partial, according to Claudia Martinez, there is more conscience now. “The Ministry of Environment supports and impulse interesting initiatives with regions and sectors: there are, in small scale, cities or territories that want to develop adaptation measures like in Cartagena (with CDKN as funder), Bogota and its surrounds and Huila, financed by USAID, the first region that wants to have a climate intelligent territory, and this region is especially relevant because water for Colombia is generated here.” She also states that some municipalities are more adaptable than others, which depends on environmental and socio economic conditions.

In addition, Claudia Martinez affirms that transport sector is highly important, that is why “roads that are conceived having in mind climate change have more chances to exist”.

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The interview was made by Andrea Linares and published in El Tiempo newspaper on 9 April of 2013.

Image credit: Luis Lizarazo / El Tiempo 

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