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CDKN has interviewed leading African scientists and climate change adaptation practitioners, to identify local solutions that can be learnt from and scaled up, to accelerate adaptation and contribute to a more climate-resilient future. [more...]

This third NDC-highlights newsletter features articles on the agricultural sector’s contributions towards the success of Ethiopia’s NDC. [more...]

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Woman cleaning solar panel in Dhundi village, Gujarat_credit IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program

Solar pump cooperative supports climate-smart agriculture in Gujarat

This case study showcases how the installation of solar pumps for irrigation helped raise farmer incomes and reduced emissions in Dhundi, Gujarat. [more]…

A contractor explains how the solar PV system functions_credit ICLEI South Asia

Scaling-up solar PV in water supply services in Rajkot, India

This case study showcases how the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at a water treatment plant in Rajkot has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and inspired the municipality to scale-up in other parts of the city. [more]…

Innovative rainwater harvesting empowers women in Gujarat, India

This case study showcases how an innovative rainwater harvesting technology has empowered women and strengthened climate resilience in Gujarat. [more]…

GUIDE: The IPCC’s Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate: What’s in it for South Asia?

This 'explainer' guide from CDKN pulls out key messages and graphics from the IPCC's recent Special Report that are of relevance to everyone in South Asia's diverse landscapes. [more]…

GUIDE: The IPCC’s Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate: What’s in it for Latin America?

The frozen lands and coastal-marine environments of Latin America are affected by changes in the climate. These changes are detailed in the IPCC's recent Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a changing climate. [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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Reducing gender inequality in urban water management in Nepal

This brief is based on the analysis of water policies, as well as the narratives of men and women involved in drinking water management practices.

Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation: Trade-offs and governance

The book synthesises the ESPA programme's compelling evidence on ecosystems and wellbeing. It addresses the evolving framings and contexts of ecosystem services for poverty alleviation, reviews the impacts of ongoing drivers of change and presents new ways to achieve sustainable wellbeing, equity, diversity, and resilience.

Peri-urban areas and water stress - a forgotten agenda

Dr Dik Roth (CCMCC project leader) discusses the importance of bringing peri-urban needs and dynamics to the agenda.

Recognising the dynamics that surround drought impacts

Effective reduction of drought risk can seldom be achieved as a standalone measure. Findings from ASSAR's work in semi-arid Ethiopia and Kenya show how multiple environmental and societal dynamics shape

When participation is not enough

Expecting local participation in decentralised water management without providing support can actually make it more challenging for vulnerable communities to access water. Lessons from ASSAR's work in north-central Namibia.

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