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INSIDE STORY: Action on climate vulnerability - Lessons from Quito

The city of Quito is a good example of how climate vulnerability information can feed into the policy cycle and be translated into meaningful actions on the ground. Now translated from its Spanish original, you can read this 'Inside Story on climate compatible development' in English. [more]…

ESSENTIAL: Six tips for effective country programmes

This ‘Essential’ briefing presents CDKN’s top six tips for ensuring impact in country programmes on climate compatible development, based on the in-depth approach to country assistance that CDKN developed with its partners. [more]…

ESSENTIAL: Building on local knowledge for climate compatible development

Partners in the CDKN–ICLEI Subnational Learning Programme have explored a variety of approaches to identifying and leveraging local knowledge, combined with scientific data for informed decision-making and planning at local government level. [more]…

WORKING PAPER: Working across scales - Learning from seven years of climate compatible development in Asia

A new report by John Colvin and Christina McDonagh for CDKN explores the value of stimulating climate compatible development initiatives at multiple levels of governance - drawing on seven years of work by CDKN in India, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan. [more]…

WORKING PAPER: Capability development - Taking a targeted approach

Approaches to the development of capacity and capability vary from one organisation to another and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Rather than letting capacity develop by chance, CDKN has adopted a more intentional approach. [more]…

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