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Women labourers work in a garment factory in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Bank’s fund for a green garment sector

This case study showcases the role played by the Bangladesh Bank in supporting the garment sector to become more sustainable through providing finance for environmentally-friendly machinery. [more]…

Ahmedabad issues municipal bonds to implement green projects

This case study showcases the city of Ahmedabad’s experience in successfully raising funds through municipal bonds to finance climate-resilient urban development.  [more]…

WORKING PAPER: Leveraging private sector finance for climate compatible development

How can governments, international programmes and other stakeholders create an enabling environment for private investment in climate action? In their new paper,Charlotte Ellis and Kamleshan Pillay share key lessons from CDKN’s experience. [more]…

WORKING PAPER: Working across scales - Learning from seven years of climate compatible development in Asia

A new report by John Colvin and Christina McDonagh for CDKN explores the value of stimulating climate compatible development initiatives at multiple levels of governance - drawing on seven years of work by CDKN in India, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan. [more]…

Working paper: Budgeting for NDC action - Initial lessons from climate-vulnerable countries

This working paper asks: are climate change-related expenditures starting to appear in national budgets to secure the early implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)? It examines the evidence of resourcing NDC policies and actions in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. [more]…

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