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PODCAST: Building climate resilience through microfinance

CDKN has launched a new podcast series which looks at innovative, effective, accessible, and convenient ways of delivering emerging themes within climate finance. This is the first episode. [more]…

INSIDE STORY: Rural Ethiopian women diversify livelihoods and boost entire communities’ climate resilience

The Market Approaches to Resilience (MAR) project extended credit and savings facilities to communities in remote rural areas of Ethiopia, providing them with the means to diversify their assets and livelihoods. This helped to buffer them from climate-related stresses and shocks. This 'Inside Story' case study tells the story of what happened. [more]…

GUIDE: Green Climate Fund (GCF) Proposal Toolkit 2020

CDKN and Acclimatise has released released this guide to provide the most recent guidance and help to navigate the ever-changing GCF project requirements. [more]…

WORKING PAPER: UK trade policy and climate change - maximising commercial, climate and development outcomes

This working paper assesses the challenges and opportunities between UK trade policy and climate commitments. [more]…

OUTLOOK: Bangladesh Special Edition

CDKN's Bangladesh programme has been contributing to deeper understanding of climate-related loss and damage in the country and to the knowledge base on how Bangladeshi businesses can mobilise resources to address climate change effectively. Read more in this 'Climate and Development Outlook: Bangladesh Special Edition'. [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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Supporting private adaptation to climate change in semi-arid lands in developing countries

This policy brief distils broad lessons from PRISE about the kinds of policies, institutions and other public investments that can support adaptation and climate-resilient development across a broad range of private actors.

Value Chain Analysis for Resilience in Drylands (VC-ARID): Identification of adaptation options in key sectors

Using a methodology called Value Chain Analysis for Resilience in Drylands (VC-ARID), this synthesis report identifies climate risk, adaptation options and opportunities for private sector development in Kenya, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

Enabling private sector adaptation to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa

This paper calls for a more holistic approach to developing enabling environments for SME adaptation and climate-resilient development that address the broader structural deficits and barriers that limit adaptive capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.