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POLICY BRIEF: The 2016/2017 drought in Kenya

This policy brief concludes that, from the climate science perspective, results show the 2016-17 drought in Kenya is less severe than the 2010-11 drought in Lamu, while in Marsabit they are comparable. It provides recommendations for decision-makers to link disaster risk management strategies with climate science. [more]…

WORKING PAPER: Making governance work for water-energy-food nexus approaches

A new CDKN working paper explores governance of the water-energy-food nexus - drawing on CDKN's experience in Kenya, Indonesia and the Amazon Basin to understand the links between sectors, recognise these in decision-making and promote integrated policy-making. [more]…

REPORT: Communicating extreme weather event attribution - Research from India and Kenya

Communication of extreme event attribution information in the immediate aftermath of an extreme event provides a window of opportunity to inform, educate, and affect a change in attitude or behaviour in order to mitigate or prepare for climate change.This report presents the most effective identified methods, phrases and tools. [more]…

Science summary: The drought in Kenya, 2016–2017

Kenya is currently suffering from a drought, which has triggered a national emergency as of April 2017. Scientists with the World Weather Attribution (WWA) partnership have conducted a real-time attribution analysis to see whether and to what extent human-induced climate change has played a role in the 2016-2017 drought in Kenya. [more]…

FILM: Attributing extreme weather events (Swahili version)

What if we could better prepare for hazards like flooding and heat waves by understanding the changing risks of extreme weather events? This short film, presented in Swahili, explains the process behind attribution science and its importance in preparing for the future. [more]…

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