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REPORT: Road map - Actions for setting a green bond market in Colombia

This Road Map is the second of a series of three documents prepared by E3–Economía, Ecología y Ética, and METRIX–Finanzas, in association with PwC UK and Climate Bonds Initiative, on the development of a green bond market in Colombia [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Green growth and energy security - Fossil fuel-endowed middle-income countries at a crossroads

This policy brief synthesises the findings of political economy analyses (PEA) in the energy sector in three fossil-endowed middle-income countries (MICs): Colombia, Indonesia and Kenya. It is based on a [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Promoting green growth in Colombia - A post-conflict opportunity?

Only 41 days after the initial peace accord was rejected by a small margin in the plebiscite of 2 October 2016, the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla group reached [more]…

REPORT: Green or grey growth for Colombia? Challenging fossil-based energy security

This report analyses the politics of energy security and green growth in Colombia, and makes four recommendations that could shape future policy by national authorities, civil society organisations and foreign donors. [more]…

POLICY BRIEF: Improving sustainable commodity supply chains in Amazonia

This policy brief looks at new methods of decoupling the agricultural commodity supply chains from deforestation in Amazonia. [more]…

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