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REPORT: Financing Pathways for Low Emissions and Climate Resilient Development

This report, Financing Pathways for Low Emissions and Climate Resilient Development, identifies emerging issues that may influence a National Financing Pathways and considers different frameworks and tools to develop such pathways. [more]…

OUTLOOK: Edition four, August 2012

In this edition of CDKN's quarterly Outlook newsletter, we highlight climate compatible development in Rwanda, Pakistan, Chile, Uganda and the Marshall Islands. [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation: Trade-offs and governance

The book synthesises the ESPA programme's compelling evidence on ecosystems and wellbeing. It addresses the evolving framings and contexts of ecosystem services for poverty alleviation, reviews the impacts of ongoing drivers of change and presents new ways to achieve sustainable wellbeing, equity, diversity, and resilience.

An environment for wellbeing: Pathways out of poverty

The dependence of the world’s poorest people on the environment and their contribution to its stewardship are often ‘hidden’ in public debates and decision-making processes. Trade-offs and any potential human costs must be understood and explicitly addressed. An environmental justice approach can help achieve this.