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GUIDE: The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land: What’s in it for South Asia?

The IPCC's Special Report on Climate Change and Land for decision-makers in South Asia - with all the headline findings they need to know about the interaction of climate change and land and the impact on societies and ecosystems. [more]…

GUIDE: The IPCC’s Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate: What’s in it for South Asia?

The condition of the oceans and the cryosphere (frozen parts of the Earth) affect our lives - as described in the IPCC's recent Special Report. This 'explainer' guide from CDKN pulls out key messages and graphics of relevance to everyone in South Asia's diverse landscapes. [more]…

Fishing boats at Kanyakumari, India.

Fishing boats at Kanyakumari, India [more]…

Fishing in India

Fishing in India [more]…

Displaced people fleeing floods in Pakistan

Displaced people fleeing floods in Pakistan [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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Tracing back to move ahead: a review of development pathways that constrain adaptation futures

This paper assesses urbanisation in Bangalore, and India's agricultural policies, and identifies triggers of change in local and regional development that have led to adaptation-constrained spaces.

Community-based adaptive learning in the management of Conflicts and Natural Resources

Dr Parvin Sultana (CCMCC project leader) and Paul Thompson discuss the approach taken with communities in Bangladesh and Nepal in finding pathways to cooperate over the management of natural resources.

Learning from issues of Conflict and Cooperation over REDD+ in Nepal, Vietnam and Mexico

Dr Esteve Corbera (CCMCC researcher) discusses this statement in the context of the impacts REDD+ has had on developing countries at the policy and social levels.

Risks and responses in rural India: Implications for local climate change adaptation action

While people in rural India are responding to multiple risks, of which environmental changes are a significant part, these responses are not necessarily climate change adaptation strategies. Forward-looking adaptation focused

Unpacking resettlement - from Satavaya to Bagapatia

This video documents the plight of people at Satavaya, Odisha, who were resettled by government after their houses were eroded. It highlightes the challenges faced by both the government and the community for making this resettlement happen.

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