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REPORT: Results-based reporting for REDD+  

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) and CDKN present their joint initiative: the Reporting for Results-based REDD+ project, a three-year project to build capacity for measuring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and enhancement of carbon stocks in agriculture, forest and other land use in 21 tropical and subtropical forest countries. [more]…

ESSENTIAL: Building on local knowledge for climate compatible development

Partners in the CDKN–ICLEI Subnational Learning Programme have explored a variety of approaches to identifying and leveraging local knowledge, combined with scientific data for informed decision-making and planning at local government level. [more]…

WORKING PAPER: Working across scales - Learning from seven years of climate compatible development in Asia

A new report by John Colvin and Christina McDonagh for CDKN explores the value of stimulating climate compatible development initiatives at multiple levels of governance - drawing on seven years of work by CDKN in India, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan. [more]…

BOOK: Mainstreaming climate compatible development - insights from CDKN's first seven years

This flagship book draws from CDKN's experience of supporting climate-compatible development in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and provides practical recommendations on how to achieve low-carbon, climate-resilient development in low income and emerging economies. [more]…

REPORT: Assessment of climate-smart agriculture options in Nepal

Nepal’s agriculture sector, which accounts for around three quarters of employment and one quarter of country’s Gross Domestic Products (MoAD 2015), is highly affected by current climate variability, uncertainty and [more]…

CDKN Partner Resources

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Community-based adaptive learning in the management of Conflicts and Natural Resources

Dr Parvin Sultana (CCMCC project leader) and Paul Thompson discuss the approach taken with communities in Bangladesh and Nepal in finding pathways to cooperate over the management of natural resources.

Learning from issues of Conflict and Cooperation over REDD+ in Nepal, Vietnam and Mexico

Dr Esteve Corbera (CCMCC researcher) discusses this statement in the context of the impacts REDD+ has had on developing countries at the policy and social levels.

Unpacking resettlement - from Satavaya to Bagapatia

This video documents the plight of people at Satavaya, Odisha, who were resettled by government after their houses were eroded. It highlightes the challenges faced by both the government and the community for making this resettlement happen.

Evaluating the results of BRACED projects in Ethiopia, Myanmar and Niger

This report looks at the results of three BRACED projects in Niger, Myanmar and Ethiopia to determine the extent to which household resilience has changed as a result of project interventions – which interventions worked or failed to work, for whom and why.

The aftermath of Aila: The lingering effects of a tropical cyclone in the Indian Bengal delta

Nearly 10 years after cyclone Aila hit the Indian Bengal delta, its effects are still felt. This story outlines life in the delta and the livelihood options that people pursue.

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