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INSIDE STORY: South Africa’s municipal integrated development plans

Effective responses to climate change require that climate change considerations be included in relevant social, economic and environmental policies at all levels of government. Municipal governments have a particularly critical role to play in establishing on‑the‑ground policies that address local opportunities and vulnerabilities arising from climate change.

The municipalities of Cape Town and eThekwini have been early movers in mainstreaming climate change within their municipals.  Known as integrated development plans (IDPs), these require requires research support, specialised technical expertise, political backing and significant financial and human resources.

This Inside Story, South Africa’s municipal integrated development plans, written by Marie Parramon-Gurney & Andrew Gilder from IMBEWU Sustainablility Legal Specialists and Ernesta Swanepoel, an Independent Consultant, argues that mainstreaming climate change into IDPs is necessary but not sufficient to achieve climate compatible development. Sectoral measures, collaboration with central government and with civil society and the private sector are also vital.

The Inside Story reviews how the towns of Cape Town and eThekwini are mainstreaming climate change into IDPs and picks out the challenges, implications and key lessons of their experiences.

This publication is one of a series of policy briefs that explore the Inside Stories on climate compatible development.

Photo: Trevor Samson / World Bank


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