INFORMATION BRIEF: Financing climate resilience in the water sector

INFORMATION BRIEF: Financing climate resilience in the water sector

Specialist climate finance is becoming increasingly important in the Caribbean. A number of global climate funds are available to support countries in their efforts to increase resilience to climate variability and change. The water sector is in a prime position to benefit from these funds.

Key messages:

  • The direct and indirect costs of climate hazards are unacceptably high in the Caribbean region
  • Investing in climate resilient development particularly in the water sector, brings significant benefits and is a high priority for the region
  • Increased investment implies increased financial flows through both domestic and external channels
  • Specialist climate funds can provide an important contribution to these financial flows
  • The water sector is typically associated with funding for climate change adaptation but actions may also deliver cobenefits eligible for mitigation funding

Picture: Joe LeBlanc 

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