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INSIDE STORY: Working together for REDD+ – developing a national readiness strategy in Tanzania

Tanzania’s forests make up 38% of its land mass and are critical, not only to the livelihoods of rural and forest-dependent communities, but also to Tanzania’s national economy. According to the World Bank, forests deliver services that amount to 10–15% of GDP. However, much of Tanzania’s vast forested area is characterised by high rates of deforestation stemming from commercial harvesting, shifting agriculture, land conversion and industrial development.

Funds received through future REDD+ mechanisms may provide new sources of revenue that are urgently needed in Tanzania to incentivise the protection of forests and their ecosystem services, improve forest management practices and support livelihoods in rural and forest-dependent communities.

In 2009, the Tanzanian government launched a National Framework for REDD+, with funding received through a five-year $90 million partnership initiated between Tanzania and Norway the previous year. The Framework established a national taskforce and initiated a comprehensive, inclusive and focused process for developing a National REDD+ Strategy. This Inside Story, Working together for REDD+ – developing a national readiness strategy in Tanzania, describes the work in greater detail.

The national taskforce has focussed on the following activities:

  • Developing and disseminating research,
  • Capacity building and social infrastructure development,
  • Institutional analysis and reform,
  • Stakeholder engagement, and,
  • Pilot projects



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