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CDKN has supported the Government of Peru in developing Plan CC – the Government’s plan to build the technical and scientific evidence base, as well as capabilities, to explore the feasibility of a "clean" or "low carbon" development pathway and incorporate climate change in the country’s development plan. CDKN has also supported Peru’s process of designing an (Intended) Nationally Determined Contribution to the UNFCCC, from its very foundation. This has involved the inclusion of Plan CC data in the (I)NDC, the inclusion of participatory decision-making methods for the process, , support on the public consultation of the adaptation component of the (I)NDC and now the development of the policies and plans to implement these commitments. CDKN has built strong links with the Government of Peru and played an important role in supporting the COP presidency, which has in turn helped to define a legacy that contributes to moving climate change further up the public agenda in Peru.

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