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CDKN’s current programme in Nepal evolved as a result of its study on the "Economic Impact Assessment of Climate Change in Nepal", launched in April 2014. The study provided a comprehensive profile of current and future risks as well as future investment needed for three sectors: agriculture, hydro-electricity and water. Based on these findings, CDKN supported three follow-up technical assistance projects: (i) Adaptation to Climate Change in the Hydroelectricity Sector, supported by the Ministry of Energy, identifying areas where adaptation actions can be taken; (ii) Climate Smart Agriculture in Nepal, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, aimed at introducing climate smart agricultural practices to provide direct benefit to the farmers by introducing them to resilient livelihood sources; and (iii) Framework for Increasing the Resilience and Effectiveness of Small and Medium Scale Irrigation Systems in Nepal, supported by the Ministry of Irrigation for increasing the resilience of small and medium scale irrigation systems in the country. CDKN is now working closely with Nepal’s Ministry of Finance to support key government and non-governmental stakeholders in enhancing their understanding and capabilities for accessing and utilising climate finance. In particular, the initiative will work on capability development of potential National Implementing Entities (NIEs) to enhance their understanding of direct access to climate finance.

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