North Africa

North Africa

The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report: What’s in it for East Africa?

This factsheet highlights:

  1. How North Africa’s climate is already changing
  2. North Africa’s future climate 
  3. Climate change impacts we have already seen in North Africa
  4. Future climate risks in North Africa 
  5. North Africa’s potential to adapt
  6. Key investment areas for a climate-resilient North Africa

Explore the factsheet, along with free-to-use images and infographics, below.

Tipaza Roman ruins in Algeria

Image of Tipaza Roman ruins in Algeria


Courtesy of Sergey 73 via Shutterstock 

The River Nile running past Zamalek Island, Cairo, Egypt

Image of the Nile River running past Zamalek Island, Cario, Egypt 


Courtesy of Adrian Lindley via Shutterstock 

Women farmers growing vegetables in Sudan

Image of women farmers growing vegetables in Sudan 


Courtesy of Nicole Jawerth via Flikr 

School girls collecting water

Image of school girls collecting water


Courtesy of Ricardo Meyer via Shutterstock

Harvesting olives in Tunisia

Image of harvesting olives in Tunisia 


Courtesy of Citizen 59 via Flikr 

Flooding in Alexandria, Egypt

Image of flooding in Alexandria. Egypt 


Courtesy of Justina Alasito via Shutterstock 

Exposure to flooding from sea level rise in Cairo and Alexandria

Image of exposure to flooding from sea level rise in Cairo and Alexandria


Courtesy of CDKN 

A young local farmer harvests his wheat crop near Luxor, Egypt

Image of a young farmer harvesting his wheat crop near Luxor, Egypt 


Courtesy of Mina Guli via Flickr

Forest fire

Image of forest fire


Courtesy of Matt Palmer via Unsplash