Cartagena: Thriving in the face of climate change


Cartagena: Thriving in the face of climate change

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Date: 20th January 2016
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: adaptation, cities, sustainable development, sustainable tourism

This video highlights how Cartagena’s communities, public and private leaders understand the challenge of developing Cartagena under the current and future impacts of climate change. It illustrates how the people of Cartagena envision and plan for the future in a changing climate.

Today, Cartagena – along with many other coastal cities – faces the challenge of how climate change can present opportunities to drive   competitiveness, boost the sustainability of   local economies and simultaneously  bring about long-term development.

The video Plan 4C A Competitive and Climate Compatible Cartagena, presents the first climate compatible development plan to be enacted in a Colombian coastal city. The story is fast becoming an iconic example of how urban development can flourish in the context of climate change.  It highlights how planning processes can promote a new vision for the future development and competitiveness of a city (in this case, the vision to 2040), and how to help a city innovate to be more climate compatible and attract new investments.

The Colombian Government, the local authorities and CDKN together chose to trial the scheme in Cartagena. The aim was for the city - with its economic dynamism, social complexity, and World Heritage City status - to become a benchmark of climate compatible development planning at the subnational level.


The video demonstrates the main strategies and actions that have been adopted to meet the communities’ needs, protect the heritage and natural history, and enhance the ports, industries and tourism sectors’ competitiveness.

CDKN and its partners are hopeful that the work achieved in Cartagena can inspire other coastal cities in Colombia and Latin America to take proactive actions to adapt to climate change and promote more climate compatible pathways.

Discover Cartagena as never seen before!


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