COP Resilience Hub launched to advance action on adaptation and resilience at COP26 and beyond

COP Resilience Hub launched to advance action on adaptation and resilience at COP26 and beyond

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Date: 1st October 2021
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News

This year’s United Nations climate conference, COP26, will include the new COP Resilience Hub led by non-state actors including business, investors, civil society, academia, cities and regions. The Hub aims to advance action on adaptation and resilience, and will also be the home of the UN High Level Champions' Race to Resilience. CDKN is delighted to be supporting the COP Resilience Hub to facilitate the inclusion of diverse voices and promote knowledge-into-action.

About the programme

The COP Resilience Hub will offer events across a virtual and physical space, in parallel with COP26, from 1-12 November 2021. While previous COPs have seen an increase in focus on resilience and adaptation, it has been spread across different initiatives, spaces and events inside and outside the COP. Adaptation and resilience was “everywhere but nowhere” without a focal point. The Resilience Hub is designed to meet this challenge. Its central purpose is to advance action on adaptation and resilience at COP26 and beyond, and to help provide a strong collective voice on resilience for all those globally who are working to build a more resilient world.

CDKN, together with the Global Resilience Partnership and International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD, Bangladesh), has a role as 'cross cutting champion' in the Hub, to promote diversity and to build bridges from knowledge to climate action.

The COP Resilience Hub will:

- Share best practice and build collaboration, momentum and new opportunities on adaptation and resilience.

- Amplify messages on resilience and adaptation at COP26.

- Help set the direction for future action on adaptation and resilience beyond COP26.

The COP Resilience Hub will also be the home of the UN High Level Champions Race to Resilience that aims to catalyse action to build the resilience of 4 billion people by 2030. It covers ten themes which support the objective of the COP26 President Alok Sharma on adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The Resilience Hub will be a physical pavilion in the COP26 Blue Zone, a space in the centre of Glasgow that will be open to all (subject to Covid-safe booking requirements and availability), and a large virtual platform running throughout the conference, connecting people across the planet.

About the partners

The Resilience Hub represents a global community of interest driven by the urgency to act, with over 30 private and public organisations involved in developing the programme, and a Steering Committee that includes Directors from the COP26 Presidency, FCDO, UNFCCC and the High-Level Champions Team.

Largely financed by private sector and philanthropy support, it is managed by three non-state actors: the Global Resilience Partnership, the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center at the Atlantic Council, and The Resilience Shift.


More information about the programme can be found on the COP Resilience Hub website

Follow the COP Resilience Hub on Twitter and LinkedIn for live updates in the run-up to, and throughout, COP26.

Photo: Sowing seeds, courtesy of Thomas Muller, SPDA

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