CDKN announces technical and financial support for "prototypes" from Colombia Action Lab

CDKN announces technical and financial support for "prototypes" from Colombia Action Lab

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Date: 10th February 2014
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News

CDKN, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) of Colombia and MatizArt have announced the climate compatible development  ‘prototypes’ to be selected for technical and financial support, following Colombia’s Action Lab. The Action Lab took place in September 2013 and launched a four-stage process which saw 65 Colombian climate leaders co-create innovative proposals for climate compatible development.

The two winning prototypes to be selected are:

'Colombia Geographic': a prototype aimed at identifying best practices in climate compatible development  on Colombia’s Atlantic Coast, promoting them through audiovisual materials that will be uploaded to the page of Semana magazine (Colombia’s weekly news magazine) and used to inspire new initiatives in climate compatible development in the country. This prototype has the backing of an alliance of three major institutions : Semana magazine itself (Colobmia’s main media group), the Port Society of Cartagena (main port organisation of Colombia’s Atlantic Coast) and INVEMAR (a major national research institute).

'Thinking caps': a prototype that aims to create a system that will identify initiatives, measures, and innovative actions of climate compatible development in the country and translate them into a language understandable to different audiences (business, government ethnic communities, etc). The web platform of the Ministry of Environment of Colombia will host the user-friendly content. The group behind this prototype includes: Helm Bank, PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC), Armovial (a private company), the CAM (environmental authority) and Ward Kokonuco (an indigenous community).

The selection of the prototypes was made based on various criteria such as relevance, coherence, technical feasibility, financial viability, sponsoring organisations, partnership attributes, quality of coordination, sustainability, creativity and their potential contribution to the efforts made by the national government, especially Colombia’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

It is anticipated that the two prototypes for further financial and technical support will provide learning for the other initiatives that were involved in the Action Lab.

Rodrigo Suarez, Director of Climate Change Office of MADS, welcomed the announcement of further resources for these prototypes, noting that they continued to be bedded in the reality of ongoing climate change impacts. Monica Morales of Medellin Public Enterprises said, "Thanks to the Action Lab, CDKN Global and Colombia, and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, for convening these meetings and most importantly, for supporting practical solutions that will answer the country’s real needs."

Claudia Martinez, CDKN’s Country Engagement Leader for Colombia, said, "This palpable enthusiasm, five months after the conclusion of the face-to-face Action Lab, is a sign that Action Lab Colombia has not only encouraged sharing and learning, but has already provided a space for co-creation, innovation, creation trust and strengthening of networking."


Image: Colombia Action Lab.


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