Inside stories on climate compatible development 2013

Inside stories on climate compatible development 2013

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Date: 21st January 2013
Author: CDKN Global
Type: Event


CDKN is looking to commission a set of policy briefs on developing countries’ practical experiences in climate compatible development. We are seeking expressions of interest to produce these short case studies, as a means of making existing knowledge more broadly accessible to an international policy audience. We particularly welcome applications from organisations or consortia based in Southern countries and regions.

CDKN’s overall purpose is to support developing countries to design and deliver climate compatible development. We provide a combination of advisory work, research and knowledge-sharing, tailored to countries' needs. We are partnering with progressive national and local governments to design and deliver policies for low carbon, climate resilient, and inclusive development. We are now working in 40 countries, disbursing £20 million a year.

When developing country decision makers speak to us about their information needs, they want to know what’s worked – and what hasn’t – in climate compatible development planning and practice elsewhere, so that they can learn from it.

That’s why we started the current policy brief series: ‘Inside stories on climate compatible development. To date, we have published more than 20 titles in this series, and you can find the complete set on our website.

The aim of the ‘inside stories’ is to analyse lessons learned in:

  • climate compatible development planning and practice
  • climate related disaster risk management
  • climate finance

across a range of countries and contexts. The case studies aim to delve into the stories behind the headlines – including the politics and the winners and losers. Rather than simply re-telling success story clichés, they outline some of the controversies, challenges and most crucially, the trade-offs, when flagship policies and programmes have been designed and implemented.

CDKN seeks teams of case study authors who are familiar with the material at hand and will not need to do significant primary research. The policy briefs are conceived of as ‘packaging’ tasks, requiring mostly desk study, some phone interviews, and clear, concise writing.

Please note that this tender covers authorship of the case studies – a full Terms of Reference will be included in the tender pack and will be further refined upon contract signature with the successful bidder. The supplier will be expected to work with a separate CDKN editorial/publishing team, who will undertake design, layout and final publication of the case studies in their final formatted version.

In order to express an interest in this opportunity, please complete the following 2 steps:

Step 1:

Send an email to the CDKN Procurement team ( including the following information:

  • Subject line: Expression of interest: CDKN Inside Stories on Climate Compatible Development 2013 (KMGL-0056)
  • Organisation/company name
  • A sentence confirming your interest in bidding for the work
  • The name of any partner organisations you anticipate that you will work with
  • A contact name(s), email address and telephone number for the most appropriate person(s) to send further information to regarding bidding

Step 2:

Your nominated contact(s) will receive an email from the CDKN Procurement team, including [an Expressions of Interest selection document] / [Invitation to Tender document], a Non Disclosure Agreement, a copy of CDKN’s Expense Policy and the CDKN Terms and Conditions on 30 January 2013.  Complete the documents where relevant and submit these to the CDKN Procurement team ( before the deadline stated below.

You may express your interest, according to the steps above, any time up until the final deadline (28 February 2013); we will begin mailing the tender packs to interested bidders from 30 January 2013 onwards.

Both steps are to be completed and your documents [including the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement] submitted by the deadline of 18:00 UK time on 28 February 2013.

Please note, we will accept and respond to questions with respect to this opportunity and the associated documents provided they are received by CDKN Procurement before 12:00 UK time on 20 February 2013.

Download the answers to the clarification questions.

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