Colombian delegates prepare for Lima Conference of the Parties

Colombian delegates prepare for Lima Conference of the Parties

Having recently delivered a climate change negotiations workshop in Peru just a few weeks ago, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and the UK sustainability consultancy Ricardo-AEA are running a three-day negotiator training workshop in Colombia between 21st-23rd May 2014.

The purpose of the workshop is to equip the members of the Colombian delegation with skills and knowledge so that they are better able to navigate international climate change processes and positively influence the outcomes of the climate change negotiations. In addition to the main themes namely: adaptation, mitigation, REDD+ and finance the workshop will also cover different negotiating positions and priorities of other players with a view to enable the Colombian negotiating team to clarify their country priorities on the road to COP20 and in Paris 2015.

Colombia has made its mark in UNFCCC process by hosting the first meeting for the group of "progressive countries" in March 2010, which became commonly known as "Cartagena Dialogue", this group now includes around 40 countries. The Cartagena Dialogue played an important role in the success of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2010, identifying areas of convergence and advocating ambition across its diverse regional constituencies. It is gearing up to similarly influence outcomes at COP 17 in 2011.

Claudia Martínez Zuleta, CDKN Colombia Country Engagement Leader said, “Colombia has been a great negotiator in the COPs of climate change. We are pleased to support the negotiations team in preparation to Lima, in a critical momentum for the climate negotiations. We hope that Lima brings “inspiration” to move forward the climate change agenda.”

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