Weaving knowledge and action on climate change, 2018-2021

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Weaving knowledge and action on climate change, 2018-2021

Since 2018, a second phase of CDKN called the ‘Knowledge Accelerator’ has focused on growing our ‘knowledge-in-action’ services, as well as further cultivating climate leadership, learning and collaboration within and across developing countries. Here are some of the highlights from the past three years’ work.

Amplifying the voices of developing countries on global platforms

  • Publishing 45 stories from grassroots organisations on the frontline of Covid-19 with lessons for climate resilience.
  • Enhancing the quality and accessibility of climate change information by Africans and about Africa on Wikipedia.

Promoting climate knowledge

Fostering more inclusive, climate-resilient development  

Joining up ecosystems and climate risk management

Looking to the future, CDKN invites existing and new partners to join us on this journey to continue to deepen our impact into 2022 and beyond. The lessons we have learned from Covid-19 have made it clear that in a global emergency, collaboration across borders and among sectors is the only way forward.

Read more in our new publication: Weaving knowledge and action on climate change, 2018-21.

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