REPORT: Reality of Resilience - Learning from climate extremes

REPORT: Reality of Resilience - Learning from climate extremes

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Author: CDKN Global
Organisations: BRACED, Red Cross/Red Crescent
Tags: adaptation, disaster risk reduction, drought, extreme weather events, floods, resilience, risk management

This report looks at how the initiative 'Reality of Resilience' works, why it is timely, and provides seven steps to replicate the initiative in other resilience programmes.

Extreme events produce crucial moments for reflection and learning that can provide a testing ground for what works well (and not so well) for building resilience during an actual climate shock or stress. Reality of Resilience, from Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) is an initiative that supports the generation, collection and dissemination of evidence on resilience during and after extreme events. It is a new approach to learning, piloted through the three-year BRACED programme. Throughout, the methodology for Reality of Resilience is refined and adapted, based on lessons from implementation.

Taking advantage of the new and innovative approaches and interventions employed by BRACED consortia, Reality of Resilience offers the opportunity for a diverse set of partners to convene in order to learn about what works to build resilience.

Download the report here: Reality of Resilience - Learning from climate extremes

Image credit: Aby Drame and Momar Niang


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