In conversation with... Prof. Virginia Murray, Health Protection Agency

In conversation with... Prof. Virginia Murray, Health Protection Agency

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Author: CDKN Global
Organisations: Health Protection Agency, IPCC
Tags: disasters, disaster risk reduction, extreme weather events, IPCC, regional planning, IPCC SREX report

Watch Prof. Virgina Murray, Contributing Lead Author of the IPCC SREX report on Managing Extreme Events and Disasters, and Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at the Health Protection Agency, discuss the implications of the SREX report for policy-makers around the world.  Dr Murray discusses several case studies to illustrate how effective planning can help relieve the impacts of climate extremes on the most vulnerable.


Click here to watch Dr Tom Mitchell, Head of Climate Change at ODI and Coordinating Lead Author on the SREX report, discuss the findings of the report and the thinking behind the CDKN regional report series.

For more information about CDKN's work with the IPCC on communicating the regional implications of the SREX report, click here.

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