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FILM: Empowering women to adapt to climate change in the Volta delta, Ghana

Climate change is causing coastal erosion and salinisation of groundwater and lagoons in the Volta delta region in Ghana. This has adversely affected fishing and agricultural livelihoods of coastal communities. The lack of opportunities to earn a living locally has led to the migration of able bodied males, leaving behind the highest proportion of female headed households in Ghana.

To address the challenges of these women, a CDKN funded project called ‘Empowering women and transforming gender relations in the Volta Delta, Ghana’ has been instituted by the University of Ghana, Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS), working in partnership with Pro Link Ghana and Kulima Integrated Development Solutions.

The project is empowering women to be more resilient to the negative impacts of climate change, through improving their capacities and skills in alternative livelihoods, business management and marketing, packaging of agricultural produce, access to regional markets, crop diversification, value addition to produce and accessing microfinance for their businesses.

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