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FILM: Adaptation Voices – Ronald Mukanya, Government of the Western Cape, South Africa

“We’re still developing as a continent so that gives us an opportunity to leapfrog some of the bad investments we’ve seen and some of the problems that have caused climate change,” says Ronald Mukanya, Director of Sustainability for the Government of the Western Cape and a climate finance specialist, in a recent interview with CDKN.

Reflecting on Africa’s potential to both avoid greenhouse gas emissions and develop in a more climate resilient, adaptive way, he asserts: “From a developmental point of view, we’re at an advantageous point.”

From his seat in local government, Mr Mukanya recognises the benefits and concrete opportunities for different parts of society to co-fund climate action: “Government is not an island. Government has got to work with other stakeholders outside of the public sector: the NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and private sector,” he says.
“Working in a joined up manner helps harness the strengths of all the different stakeholders…from a finance point of view, it means you’re getting more bang for the buck. When it comes to blended solutions to funding, the government brings the 10 cents that is has, and 90 cents comes from different stakeholders: 80 cents from the private sector, 10 cents from international partners.There needs to be innovation around how that hybriding, that blending of finance is make available.”

Calling for tailored finance solutions for localities, he continues: “It can’t be one size fits all (but according to) the abilities of the different economies. If you look at the South African context, Covid has posed economic, social, environmental problems. We’re trying to use our public employment projects as a response to that.”

Watch the full video interview with Ronald Mukanya:

This is one of six short video interviews that CDKN undertook with African adaptation experts to explore how the continent can accelerate adaptation. Find out more about the film series ‘Adaptation Voices’.

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