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"The Paris Agreement has changed the conversation about climate change in Colombia."

Claudia Martinez, CDKN Senior Strategic Advisor, Colombia

CDKN’s use of innovative methodologies and platforms (such as the ‘Action Lab’) has connected actors and fostered new ways of collaborating within and across sectors and regions. Climate change committees have emerged out of each project (for example, Working Group on Climate Change in the Transport Sector, Inter-Institutional Committee on Climate Change in Cartagena, AVA Inter-Institutional Committee). These bring together national entities and regional/sectoral institutions, to drive climate change development processes, which can be replicated where possible. CDKN has contributed to the development and approval of Plan 4C: A Competitive and Climate Compatible Cartagena, which is the first-ever Adaptation Plan at city level in Colombia. Key recommendations have been taken up (and are to be adopted elsewhere) for coastal protection and ecosystem restoration, resilient development of the port and industries, the creation of adaptive neighbourhoods for the poorest peri-urban areas, protection of the city’s cultural heritage, and development of climate compatible tourism. CDKN has supported the development of Plan VÍAS-CC- the first-ever sectorial adaptation plan in Colombia which focuses on transport and creating a roadmap for adapting the primary road system of Colombia. CDKN is financing the first phase of the implementation of Pan VIAS-CC that consists of carrying out a national vulnerability assessment of the primary road system. The National Planning Department (DNP) and Financial Committee for Climate Change of Colombia have requested assistance from CDKN to build a comprehensive climate finance strategy framework.

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