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PROJECT: Supporting low emissions development planning in Chile: mitigation action plans and scenarios

Project Reference: TALA-0022

The Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS)-Chile project developed emission trajectories through research, modelling, and simulation results. A number of possible trajectories, ranging from a continuation of current development trends (business as usual, an extrapolation of the current situation, without specific actions) at the high end, and the stabilization pathway (defined by Chile following the required by Science targets) needed to meet the objective of climate change control at the low end, were developed. In between, any of the possible trajectories could be pursued. Existing Initiatives and policies contributed to a reduction on emissions, compared with the business as usual scenario. New policies and mitigation actions are needed for filling the gap and getting nearer to the ‘required by science’ pathway.

CDKN funding: £220,000

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