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PROJECT: Lessons from national climate compatible development planning in Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and Ethiopia

Project Reference: KMAF-0014

African and developing country governments are increasingly calling for practical examples of how to advance climate compatible development and develop solutions relevant to country contexts. Many countries – including Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Mozambique – have developed national cross-sectoral climate change planning and strategies, and some have taken further steps to integrate climate change into economic growth and development planning. These countries are now in a position to share their experiences regarding the evolution of these national policy and planning processes.

This project aimed to capture, synthesise and share country solutions and best practice emerging from national-level climate change planning in four African countries in order to support learning, policy development and possible replication among participating and other countries.

The project was spread over four phases:

Phase 1: Kick-starting the learning between participating officials, identifying key learning priorities and scoping which lessons were ready to be shared. The four governments identified four themes to investigate: policy/planning, governance and institutional arrangements, evidence base and knowledge generation, and climate change funding and financing mechanisms.

Phase 2: Drawing out, discussing and triangulating lessons with a number of stakeholders in each country.

Phase 3: Developing different knowledge products. Each country process will produce a ‘nationally-owned’ country report of lessons.

Phase 4: Sharing lessons amongst the four participating countries, as well as regionally and globally.

This project was facilitated by the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) of the University of Wolverhampton.

Read the country reports:

Read the working papers:

Read the blogs from Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

Funding: £288 000

Timeframe:  April 2013 – May 2016

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Project Highlights

FEATURE: After accreditation for international climate funds…what next?

Charlotte Finlay, CDKN’s Head of Country Support reports from day 1 of the CDKN South-South learning exchange on “mobilising resources for climate compatible development,” which takes place in Kigali, Rwanda this week. The key message so far is that after countries get accredited to receive international climate funds, they face even greater challenges in developing ‘bankable projects’ for investment.