Carbon and water footprints in the cities of Guayaquil, Fortaleza and Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Carbon and water footprints in the cities of Guayaquil, Fortaleza and Santa Cruz de la Sierra

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Project detail:
Status: Completed
Tags: carbon footprint, climate resilience

About the project

In order to promote low carbon, climate resilient development, CDKN supported the implementation of the 'Cities Footprint' project, through measuring carbon and water footprints as indicators and tools for urban management.

It is important to remember that a previous phase was carried out in three Andean cities: Quito, Lima and La Paz, while the second phase was implemented in the cities of Guayaquil (Ecuador), Fortaleza (Brazil) and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).

In the first stage, participatory measurements of the carbon footprint and the water footprint were carried out at the municipal level (as an organisation) and at the city level (as a territory). In general terms, the transportation and residential sectors are the main contributors to carbon and water footprints in the three cities. In light of these results, to date, the three municipalities are identifying and prioritising pilot actions that will be implemented with significant demonstration effects of reduction.

Action Plans were developed for each Municipality with specific targets for the reduction of footprints in the medium and long term. The initiative saw a high demand from various municipalities in the region, which shows its great potential to continue enhancing and achieving significant impacts with a view towards climate compatible development in cities.

As part of this phase, a regional workshop was held in June 2016 with representatives of the different participating municipalities, who shared experiences and learning on how the assessment of carbon footprints and water contributes to urban planning processes and influences the climate change agendas of municipalities.

For more information about the project, please visit this website

Project funding:  £52,530

Country / City:  Guayaquil (Ecuador), Fortaleza (Brazil), Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

Partners:  CAF (co-financer) and Municipalities of Guayaquil, Fortaleza and Santa Cruz

Service provider:  Environmental Services SA of Bolivia (SASA)