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Ari Huhtala - Deputy CEO – Policy and Programmes

Ari is an economist from Finland and he has spent most of his life in development work, first in the field of industrial development and technology/investment promotion and then specialising in environmental financing issues.

His experience includes UNDP in Hanoi and Dhaka, UNIDO headquarters in Vienna and Representative in Bangkok, manager for cleaner production financing at UNEP Paris, environmental advisor to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Team Leader for a KfW environmental credit line in Indonesia.

More recently he has worked at the Environment Department of the World Bank in Washington DC leading a cluster on climate finance acting as well as preparing for Rio+20. In May 2012 he joined the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) as Director of Policy and Programmes.

Ari Huhtala's content

OPINION: CDKN's live blog from COP22 - Marrakech, Morocco - Week One

Mini-blogs from CDKN commentators as events in Marrakech unfold during COP22. Many are calling this the 'implementation COP', where governments will discuss action on last year's Paris Agreement. [more]…

OPINION: The New Urban Agenda - What's in it for developing cities?

The New Urban Agenda sets out priorities for achieving more sustainable cities and was adopted by governments at Habitat 3 in Quito. CDKN’s Mairi Dupar scrutinises the 24-page Agenda, assesses its relevance for climate action in cities and gives it only partial marks. Contributions by Ari Huhtala and Maria Jose Pacha, CDKN. [more]…

FEATURE: Positive proposals to make green growth inclusive

CDKN attended the Global Green Growth Week held in Jeju, Republic of Korea, 5-9 September. Here, CDKN's Ari Huhtala and Mairi Dupar report on debates to address poverty eradication and 'grow green'. [more]…

OPINION: Justice in the climate negotiations - and in the real world

Ari Huhtala argues that there is considerable potential to assess countries' global and national performance on climate action - through an equity lens. [more]…

OPINION: Follow Paris Agreement with green investment deals

The next step after the Paris Climate Agreement is to turn countries’ national climate commitments into investment deals, says CDKN’s Ari Huhtala. Here, he reports on the latest meeting of the San Giorgio Group: a group of eminent climate finance specialists. [more]…

OPINION: Response from CDKN's global, regional and country leads to Paris Agreement

Sam Bickersteth, CDKN’s Chief Executive, introduces commentary on the Paris Agreement from CDKN's teams around the world. [more]…

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