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NEWS: Call for proposals – Adaptation Futures 2016

Call for proposals: Adaptation Futures 2016


Adaptation Futures 2016 is the fourth PROVIA worldwide adaptation conference. It will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 10 – 13 May 2016. The conference aims to move climate change adaptation forward by promoting solutions across sectors, borders and communities.

Adaptation Futures 2016 is for scholars, practitioners, policymakers an business people from all around the world.

Adaptation Futures 2016 offers a platform to exchange new and practical ideas, experiences and insights for climate change adaptation. Participants are invited to share their research findings, public and commercial solutions, and policy issues. They are asked to demonstrate how their findings might be applicable to other communities, countries or sectors. Over four days, there will be opportunities to meet, mingle, inspire and develop partnerships.

Adaptation Futures 2016 comprises conference and workshop sessions on science, practice and policy. Participants can show and explain their solutions in an exhibition, make commercial contacts in a business fair and connect with their peers in field excursions to adaptation projects. Three types of sessions will be offered: science sessions, practice sessions (including policy practice) and combined science-practice sessions. The organisers invite proposals for full sessions that fit one of the three categories, as well as abstracts for individual presentations in the science sessions. They are particularly interested in combined science-practice sessions.

Many companies and public authorities contribute to scientific research, or conduct research themselves. Science sessions are therefore open to those wishing to present scientific findings and solutions relevant to climate change adaptation. Businesses, practitioners, policymakers, designers, investors and decision makers can also interact with scientists to explore and discuss solutions to the adaptation challenge in practice sessions, or propose solution-oriented science-practice sessions.

Seven sectoral themes have been identified to guide session proposals:

  • Cities and infrastructure
  • Food, forestry and rural livelihoods
  • Freshwater availability and access
  • Public health
  • Ecosystems and ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • The Arctic

Evaluation (a cross-cutting issue) can be applied to all themes. The organisers therefore welcome contributions that demonstrate the added value of combining knowledge, experience and innovation across themes and issues.

The deadline for submissions is 4 October 2015.  Visit the guidelines for Submission of Proposals

The Adaptation Futures 2016 conference is co-sponsored by PROVIA, the European Commission and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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One response to “NEWS: Call for proposals – Adaptation Futures 2016”

  1. KUTOL Wilberforce Kiprono says:

    Very interested in the area that touches on weather forecasting expecially the new adaptations by nomadic communities in rural Kenya.

    Working on a scientific paper on the same. Hope to present it then.

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