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FEATURE: Photo diary of women at the front line of climate change in India

Krishnendu Bose and Swati Khanna from EarthCare Productions present photos of some of the heroes from their upcoming documentary film exploring the gender dimension of climate change

As film makers, Krishnendu Bose and Swati Khanna from EarthCare Productions communicate and explain difficult and complicated issues through story-telling. For CDKN they are in the process of producing a short documentary on the gender dimension of climate change in India.

They therefore embarked on a journey through India to find real life stories of women on the frontline of the impacts of climate change.

They travelled to three very different parts of India, the northern Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, the coastal region of Odisha and the fragile eco-zone in the Sunderbans. These locations will form the backdrop to the film, and illustrate how climate change is having an impact across the country but in contrasting ways.

Along the way they met with some inspirational women, from those who are struggling but surviving against unimaginable climate and development challenges, to those who are building a stronger more resilient future for their entire community. The film will use their voices and personal stories to raise awareness of the way in which climate change is affecting women differently from men, and their different capacity to act.

The film draws on research being undertaken by Alternative Futures to build the evidence base on the gender dimension of climate change.

Krishnendu and Swati have put together a photo diary of some of the places and people they have met while making this film. This is a taster of what is to come when the film is launched in the next couple of months.

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