Multilevel climate governance in Chile

Multilevel climate governance in Chile

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Date: 27th July 2018
Author: CDKN Global
Type: Event
Country: Chile
Tags: Nationally Determined Contributions

Date: 31 July 2018

Time: 11:00 New York / 16:00 London (UTC+1)

Location: GoToWebinar

Register for the webinar: Multilevel climate governance in Chile

Join the LEDS GP Working Group on Multilevel Governance and Subnational Integration to explore how Chile is aligning its national and subnational climate action. This webinar will be held in Spanish.

Improving the coordination of climate action between national and subnational governments is essential for accelerating the transition to climate resilient, low emission economies. Integrated governance is the foundation for building a common architecture for NDC implementation, transparency and climate finance.

Multilevel governance and intersectoral coordination not only increase the probability of achieving more ambitious NDCs, they can also improve synergies between national development objectives and other multilateral agreements, such as the post-2015 Development Agenda and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The Government of Chile recognises that multilevel climate governance is a vital element for achieving its NDC, having recently made several advances in this area.

This webinar will present Chile’s recent ‘Institutional Mapping’ report, which depicts the ecosystem of relevant actors in the context of its NDC, National Climate Change Action Plan and other sectoral plans. The report analyses the frameworks, public policies, and governance processes that affect subnational actors, and looks at institutional incentives, opportunities, gaps and limits that impact the planning and implementation of local climate actions in Chile.

The speakers will share key messages from a July 2018 workshops in Santiago on ‘Climate Governance in the Framework Law for Climate Change’, which was organised by the Chilean Ministry of Environment, Inter-ministerial Climate Change Technical Team, Regional Climate Change Committees, and Regional Secretariats of the Ministry of Environment. They will also discuss President Piñera’s recent launch of the process to elaborate Chile’s Framework Law on Climate Change and its development “from across the regions via a highly participatory process.”

•Maria Carolina Urmeneta, Head of Climate Change, Ministry of the Environment, Chile
•Jordan Harris, Director Nacional of the NGO Adapt Chile
•Karla Rubilar, Governor of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago
•Francisco Maciel, Executive Director of CIOESTE and Regional Chair of the LEDSGP Working Group on Multilevel Governance and Subnational Integration

Register for the webinar: Multilevel climate governance in Chile

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