New CDKN podcast on building climate resilience through microfinance

New CDKN podcast on building climate resilience through microfinance

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Date: 2nd December 2020
Author: CDKN Global
Type: News
Tags: building resilience, climate finance

CDKN has launched a podcast series titled Finance for resilience: Unlocking climate action. Each episode of the series focuses on an emerging theme within the climate finance thematic area thereby highlighting innovative solutions from practitioners and experts.

The podcast provides an innovative, effective, accessible, and convenient way to deliver and produce compelling, personalised content to engage a broader audience with increased longevity. The first episode unpacks the role of microfinance as a financial instrument to build resilience in communities which are vulnerable to climate change. There is significant potential to integrate microfinance to address climate change adaptation by providing the poor with a means of accumulating and managing assets thereby reducing vulnerability to climate change impacts. There is potential for microfinance to have a multiplier effect when customers are included in high-impact value chains – where each dollar invested into this effort results in more consumption and the growth of local economic activities.

Listen to Episode 1: Building climate resilience through microfinance below, or on Spotify, Google or Apple iTunes.

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