Priority adaptation actions identified in Pakistan

Priority adaptation actions identified in Pakistan

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Date: 14th August 2013
Author: CDKN Asia
Type: News
Countries: Asia, Pakistan
Tags: adaptation, mitigation, national planning

As part of the support to the Government of Pakistan to develop a CCD work programme, a new report outlines priority actions on adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Pakistan is expected to be significantly affected by climate change. Its vulnerability stems from its geography, growing population, dependence on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, persistent levels of poverty and other such factors. Natural disasters have caused tragedy in the country in recent decades – such as the 1999-2002 drought, 2007 storm surges – and the impact of future disasters is expected to worsen.

After the 2010 floods which affected one-fifth of the country, the Government  prepared the National Climate Policy which was adopted in 2013.

The Government requested CDKN support to develop a nationally appropriate work programme on Climate Compatible Development (CCD) which would implement the policy. International and local experts were brought on board to provide advice to the Government, and IISD prepared a Situation Analysis to inform the decision-making process.

The report includes:

-          Summary of the current situation in Pakistan, focusing on issues that influence adaptation options;

-          Assessment of how international climate policy outcomes impact on Pakistan’s options;

-          Case studies of efforts in other parts of the world to develop climate change adaptation plans and measures;

-          Identified potential options for adaptation actions in Pakistan that could help the Government to achieve its adaptation priorities and desired outcomes, including the preparation of a National Adaptation Plan.

Read the full report to understand the challenges and opportunities for adaptation in Pakistan.

Following consultations based on this report with the Government, detailed TORs have been developed for the prioritised actions which are now being considered by the Government.

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