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PROJECT: Scoping a combined programme on climate compatible development for Pakistan

Project Reference: TAAS-0028

The Government of Pakistan envisioned to scope a nationally appropriate programme of work for climate compatible development (CCD) and producing specifications or terms of reference for each work package that would make up the programme.

CDKN’s has supported the Ministry of Climate Change in scoping and developing a nationally appropriate climate compatible development work programme, to help turn the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) into prioritized actions.The objectives of the project were to:

1. Support the Government of Pakistan in developing and scoping a nationally-appropriate work programme on climate compatible development. This will build on work done to date on climate change in Pakistan and reflect Government priorities.

2. Build consensus and understanding among stakeholders and policy makers about what needs to happen next, and package these next steps up into terms of reference for distinct yet sequenced and integrated work streams ready for implementation.

3. Through the development of this work programme and, potentially in the subsequent implementation of the packages of work, support the Government of Pakistan in developing the capacity, resources and commitment to develop and implement climate compatible policies and programmes at a federal level and also influence the provincial level.

4. Provide CDKN and other donors with a clear understanding of the projects it can invest in the near future.

Within these objectives, CDKN was requested specifically to support the development of terms of reference for projects in 3 thematic areas: enhancing absorptive capacity for climate finance, adaptation and mitigation actions.

To achieve these objectives, CDKN with support from Vivid Economics, IISD and ECN delivered the following:

1. A short review of previous project documents and insights by the experts

2. A closed group meeting arranged by the Government of Pakistan for each of the 3 areas where the expert facilitators with international experience moderating the session, challenging and feeding into the process technically.

3. Terms of reference for projects/next steps in each area, designed by the experts in the aftermath of the workshop

CDKN/other donors can now easily pick and choose which area they wish to support based on the terms of reference developed for 10 projects through this intervention.

CDKN Funding: GBP 247,000


Recent Update:

Learn more about the methodology and approach being used in the project in a guest blog from the supplier team: How to put ‘learning’ at the heart of policy implementation

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