MAPS Facilitator Training Course - Africa

MAPS Facilitator Training Course - Africa

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Date: 18th June 2013
Author: CDKN Africa
Type: News
Tags: mitigation action plans and scenarios

Planning for a low carbon future through a politically legitimate and scientifically rigorous process requires professional facilitation. The Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) Programme is looking to share its process expertise with colleagues on the African continent. The MAPS approach brings together stakeholders from all sectors of society with researchers in a dialogue that produces data and scenarios of potential future development pathways. These pathways form an evidence base that can, in turn, be used to inform policy. The dialogues are complex and need to be led by facilitators that are neutral and that have the necessary skill, experience and training. For these reasons, the training of facilitators has become a critical part of the MAPS process.

The MAPS Programme, with support from CDKN, is pleased to call for participation in its second Facilitator Training Course with a specific focus on training practitioners from South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia.

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