The Adaptation Fund's accreditation process - lessons from Kenya

The Adaptation Fund's accreditation process - lessons from Kenya

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Date: 12th August 2015
Author: CDKN Global
Type: Feature
Country: Kenya
Tags: adaptation, climate finance

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is Kenya’s National Implementing Entity (NIE) under the Adaptation Fund - which means it's the approved authority to receive and channel climate finance from that body. In obtaining its accreditation, NEMA had to build internal capacity to identify and develop project proposals in an inclusive way, as well as to harness external capacity. According to NEMA's Wangare Kiruma, the process raised the profile and expectations of NEMA on delivering adaptation actions, making the agency more responsive and relevant.

The Adaptation Fund’s Direct Access process has provided NEMA with the opportunity to showcase its capabilities, explains Wangare, and the staff are developing management tools, monitoring and evaluation systems, and communications strategies in line with the Fund’s requirements. Importantly, the process has geared up NEMA to handle climate finance from any source as it now has enhanced structure, ideas, capacity and partner networks. Click below to view the interview with Wangare Kiruma in full.


Image credit: CAFOD

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