Building the adaptation investment case in Africa

Building the adaptation investment case in Africa

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Date: 8th June 2016
Author: CDKN Africa
Type: News
Tags: adaptation

How do you build the investment case for climate change adaptation in an African context? Watch an animation about a workshop held in Cape Town, South Africa, which brought together CDKN colleagues and collaborators to discuss adaptation on the continent.

Cape Town played host to a gathering of key players working in the adaptation space in Africa. The object of the meeting was to develop ideas for CDKN Africa to assist African government partners to develop approaches to adapting to a changing climate.

In particular, the workshop looked at:

  • low regret investment cases for adaptation,
  • resilient infrastructure investments with long life span and high climate vulnerability,
  • robust decisions taken amidst climate change uncertainty,
  • the appropriate financial models to fund the adaptation projects, and
  • case studies from Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Africa.

adaptation investment

The workshop found that significant opportunities exist in Africa to build adaptation measures directly into new infrastructure developments, often at little additional cost. With the right investments made, CDKN can support policy-makers in building more resilient communities that benefit from development now and in the future.

Key findings are captured in this “graphic harvest” including ideas shared by CDKN’s Country Engagement Leads, the African Risk Capacity, Conservation South Africa, the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, Kulima Integrated Development Solutions and the Future Climate For Africa programme – among others.



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