Action LAB Colombia will look for articulated efforts among diverse climate actors

Action LAB Colombia will look for articulated efforts among diverse climate actors

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Date: 3rd September 2013
Type: News

CDKN is organizing the Action LAB Colombia, which will be held from 3 to 5 September congregating to more than 65 participants from the whole country belonging to diverse sectors, whom based on creativity and innovation, will propose coordination prototypes with the aim that climate actors articulate efforts and concrete actions to achieve the goals of Colombian Climate Change Strategy.

Preliminary phase consisted in online sessions which allowed participants to know each other and thinking about the coordination challenges between climate actors, essaying possible solutions.e

Some of the participants have shared, spontaneously, their impressions about this preliminary phase, as well as their interest for this initiative. We selected some of the best pieces of messages received from them:

  • “This online session is already providing us with important lessons, creating an opportunity to get to know each other and articulate innovative and transformative ideas that will lead to better decision-making processes on climate in Colombia.” (Rodrigo Suarez, Director of the Climate Change Office, Ministry of Environment)
  • “I want to thank and congratulate CDKN for organizing the ACTION LAB so skilfully, given that for our company, it represents a wonderful opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur and strengthen our leadership in environmental issues. Phase 1 (online sessions) allowed us to see that we share a common vision on the challenges related to climate coordination, but beyond that, the positive attitude and willingness of all participants to be committed with a better tomorrow.” (Cindy Sanchez, Tequendama Hotel Chain)
  • “The exchange in the online session was very fruitful and rewarding. It was very interesting to know different approaches and views. Thanks for doing such a great job.” (Yazmin Rodríguez, Helm Bank)

It is important to notice that the Action LAB Colombia will explore four main subjects: i) governance and policy approaches for climate compatible development; ii) public-private and multi sectorial alliances; iii) technological and/or social innovation; and iv) science and development policies.

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