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Rwanda: NAPA Project Profile

This paper outlines 7 National Action Plan for Adaptation (NAPA) priority projects in Rwanda: 1. Lands conservation and protection against erosion and floods at districts level of vulnerable regions to climate change 2. Mastering hydro meteo-rological information and early warning systems to control extreme phenomena due to climate change 3. Realisation of round irrigation perimeters from water flows in vulnerable regions 4. Assistance to districts of vulnerable regions to plan and implement conservation measures and water storage 5. Increase adaptive capacity of grouped settlement "Imidugudu" located in vulnerable regions to climate change by the improvement of potable water, sanitation and alternative energy services, and the promotion of non agricultural jobs 6. Increase modes of food distribution and health support to face extreme climate phenomena 7. Preparation and implementation of woody combustible substitution national strategy to combat the deforestation and erosion

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